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    bull market 
    • "state of the market when prices of stocks or bonds mainlygrow oer a prolonged period; bull markets are characterisedby large trading olumes. "...

    callable bond 
    • a type of bond issued with an option allowing the issuerto redeem the bond prior to maturity at a predeterminedprice. Usually, bonds are called when interest rates fallso significantly that the issuer can sae money by floatingnew bonds are lower rates....

    callable preferred stock 
    • a type of preferred stock linked to an option that giesthe corporate the right to call in the stock at a certainprice....

    • money necessary to start or expand a business. It alsoincludes machinery, instruments and other materials thatcompanies utilise for their operations....

    capital expenditure (inestments) 
    capital gain 
    • difference between an asset's purchase price and sellingprice resulting from the sale of shares at a price higherthan the price at which they were bought....

    capital market 
    cash account 
    • an account in which a client is obliged to pay in fullfor securities purchased within a defined time range asdistinguished from a margin account....

    cash flow 
    certificate of deposit (CD) 
    • debt instrument issued by a bank stipulating that a depositormakes a deposit in a bank for a certain period of time andat the end of this period, the depositor receies his/hermoney together with a certain amount of accumulated interest....

    • "a graphical form of displaying price information of asecurity; charts are used by technical as well as fundamentalanalysts. "...

    clearing house 
    • an agency of an exchange, through which transactions aresettled, guaranteed, offset and filled. The main purposeof the clearing house is to act as the intermediary betweenthe two sides of a trade, receiing and deliering paymentsand securities....

    • a fee charged by the broker for executing clients' orders.Commissions are based on the number of shares traded orthe dollar amount of the trade and are added to amountspayable when buying, and subtracted from the amount theinestor receies when selling a security....

    common share (common stock) 
    • an equity security that represents the ownership in acorporation. Owners typically are entitled to ote on theselection of directors (and other important matters) andto receie diidends on their shareholdings....

    • a formal memorandum or confirmation of trade from a brokerthat is sent to the client on or before the settlement dateof a transaction giing details of the securities transaction...

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