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be up

    be up be up а) закончиться Bring the boat in now, your time is up. б) встать, подняться What time do you have to be up tomorrow? в) повыситься (в том числе в цене) Production is up this quarter. Jane's temperature is up again. Eggs are up again this month. г) произойти (обычно о чем-л. плохом, необычном) Something must be up, the children are not usually as quiet as that. What's up? You look pale. I think I know what's up with the washing machine. be up to замышлять что-л. е) приезжать в большой город Are the students up at the university yet? My family are up in London for a few days. ж) представать перед судом I'm sorry to hear that the boys are up in court again; what's the charge this time?