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    accounts payable 
    accrued interest 
    • interest that is added to the current market price ofa bond. This interest has accrued since the last couponpayment of the bond up to the settlement date....

    all-or-none order 
    automated controlling system for trading in the stockmarket 
    • a computer system deeloped by the New York Stock Exchange(NYSE). It monitors suspicious signals in the trading systemand interrupts illegal operations....

    basis point 
    • smallest measure used in quoting yields on bills, notesand bonds. One basis point equals 0.0001 or 0.01% of yieldor one one-hundredth of a percent of yield....

    bear market 
    bid-offer spread 
    blue chip stock 
    • the issues of strong, well-established companies thathae demonstrated their ability to pay diidends in goodand bad times....

    • an eidence of debt issued by corporations, municipalitiesand goernments. The issuer has a debt toward the holderof the bond. bonds usually pay interest annually or semi-annually.The original outstanding principal of the bond correspondsto the face alue of the debt which is repaid accordingto a certain maturity structure....

    bond refinancing 
    • when a new bond is issued, the proceeds of which are usedto refinance an existing issue prior to the existing issue'smaturity....

    bought deal 
    • an offering in which the lead underwriter buys all thesecurities from a company and becomes financially responsiblefor selling them. This is also called a firm commitment....

    • an indiidual or firm that charges a fee or commissionfor acting as a licensed intermediary between a buyer andseller and executing buy and sell orders submitted by anotherindiidual or firm. A broker can offer adice on capitalinestments....

    budget deficit 
    • "excess of spending oer income for an indiidual, corporationor goernment entity oer a specific period of time. Corporatebudget deficits must be reduced or eliminated by increasingsales and reducing expenditures; otherwise, the companyfaces bankruptcy in the long run. "...

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