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    corporate bond 
    • a bond (debt obligation) issued by a company as distinctfrom a bond issued by a goernment agency or municipality....

    • when an inestor enters a trade, the institution thattakes the other side of his trade is called his counterpart.When trades are done ia official exchanges, the clearinghouse becomes the counterpart for the indiidual inestors....

    coupon bond 
    • "a bond without the name of the owner printed on the faceof the bond and with detachable coupons that must be presentedto the paying agent or the issuer for interest paid annuallyor semi-annually. So called ""bearer bonds"" so whoeer presentsthe coupon is entitled to the interest. "...

    credit risk 
    • bank or other financial institution that protects theproperty or keeps custody of stock certificates and otherassets of a corporate client, indiidual or mutual fund....

    • "a debt obligation backed by the general credit of theissuing corporation; an unsecured bond is a debenture. "...

    • money, goods or serices that a company or an indiidualis obligated to pay another in accordance with an expressedor implied agreement (1). Forms of paper such as bonds,notes, mortgages eidencing amounts owed and payable onspecified dates or on demand. (2)....

    discount bond 
    • company profits distributed to shareholders in an amountas decided at the shareholders meeting. The amount of thediidend is expressed either as a fixed sum per share oras a percentage of nominal alue of the stock. The returnderied from diidend payments, when calculated in relationto the stock price, is called diidend yield....

    due diligence 
    • the process of inestigation, performed by inestors,into the details of a potential inestment, such as an examinationof operations, management and risks and the erificationof material facts....

    • securities eidencing the holders' interests in an enterprise(stock corporation). The principal rights of shareholdersare the right to share in the company's profits and theright to ote at shareholders' meetings....

    equity financing 
    • a method of raising money by issuing shares of commonor preferred stock. The shareholder holds an equity in thecorporation....

    exchange-listed security 
    • in order for a security to be traded by exchange memberson an exchange, it has to be listed on that exchange. Onceit is accepted for listing, it is admitted to full tradingpriileges on that exchange....

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