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    accrued interest 
    • interest that is added to the current market price ofa bond. This interest has accrued since the last couponpayment of the bond up to the settlement date....

    coupon bond 
    • "a bond without the name of the owner printed on the faceof the bond and with detachable coupons that must be presentedto the paying agent or the issuer for interest paid annuallyor semi-annually. So called ""bearer bonds"" so whoeer presentsthe coupon is entitled to the interest. "...

    secured bonds 
    • bonds issued by corporations which are backed by certaincollaterals. in the eent of default, the collateral's areused to meet the outstanding interest payments and the redemptionof the bond....

    • a rating represents the probability at which an issuerwill be able to meet the interest payments and the redemptionof the principal. According to the creditworthiness of anissuer, the bonds of the issuer are rated by rating agencies....

    income bond 
    • bonds that are issued by a corporation and pay interestonly if the corporation's earnings are sufficient to meetthe interest payment from year to year....

    certificate of deposit (CD) 
    • debt instrument issued by a bank stipulating that a depositormakes a deposit in a bank for a certain period of time andat the end of this period, the depositor receies his/hermoney together with a certain amount of accumulated interest....

    • "a method to obtain necessary capital. One type of loanis when an indiidual or a company (the borrower) requestsa bank (the lender) to grant them a certain amount of moneyfor a certain period of time; the borrower promises to returnthe loan after a specified period with an interest paymentfor its use. "...

    callable bond 
    • a type of bond issued with an option allowing the issuerto redeem the bond prior to maturity at a predeterminedprice. Usually, bonds are called when interest rates fallso significantly that the issuer can sae money by floatingnew bonds are lower rates....

    • an eidence of debt issued by corporations, municipalitiesand goernments. The issuer has a debt toward the holderof the bond. bonds usually pay interest annually or semi-annually.The original outstanding principal of the bond correspondsto the face alue of the debt which is repaid accordingto a certain maturity structure....

    money market fund 
    • a fund inesting in money market products that are highlyliquid and safe securities including commercial paper, banker'sacceptances, reputes agreements, goernment securities,and certificates of deposits and paying money market ratesof interest....

    profitability and return ratios 
    • these include the following: gross profit margin = (Turnoer - cost of sales)/turnoerreturn on capital employed = (gross profit - expenses)/turnoernet profit margin = profit before interest and tax/(fixedassets + net current assets - long term liabilities) Return on equity (ROE) = Net profit after tax / equity...

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