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    common share (common stock) 
    • an equity security that represents the ownership in acorporation. Owners typically are entitled to ote on theselection of directors (and other important matters) andto receie diidends on their shareholdings....

    preferred shares (preferred stock) 
    • shares that pay diidends at a specified rate and haepreference oer common shares in the payment of diidendsand the liquidation of assets but normally not carryingoting rights as do common shares....

    oting right 
    • right possessed by owners of common shares to ote atshareholders meetings or in proxy on the election of directorsand on corporate resolutions. The number of otes of a shareholderdepends on the number of shares he/she possesses....

    • company profits distributed to shareholders in an amountas decided at the shareholders meeting. The amount of thediidend is expressed either as a fixed sum per share oras a percentage of nominal alue of the stock. The returnderied from diidend payments, when calculated in relationto the stock price, is called diidend yield....

    • securities eidencing the holders' interests in an enterprise(stock corporation). The principal rights of shareholdersare the right to share in the company's profits and theright to ote at shareholders' meetings....

    callable preferred stock 
    • a type of preferred stock linked to an option that giesthe corporate the right to call in the stock at a certainprice....

    • contract between two or more people who agree to pooltheir funds and share risks and profits associated withoperating a joint business....

    • a security and unit of equity ownership that grants itsowner with the right to be a co-owner of the respectiecompany. Companies issue shares to increase their capital....

    growth stock 
    • stock of a corporation exhibiting faster than aeragegains in earnings oer the last few years and expected tooutperform other stocks. A riskier inestment than aeragestock often paying low or no diidends and expected to showhigh leels of profit growth....

    fundamental analyst 
    • fundamental analysts try to ealuate the intrinsic alueof a particular stock or groups of stocks to assess whetherthey are oeralued or underalued in order to forecasttheir future stock price moements. Fundamental analysisincludes a study of the oerall economy, industry conditions,and financial condition and management of the company....

    liquidity ratios 
    • measure of a company's ability to meet maturing short-termobligations. Liquidity ratios include the following: current ratio = current assets/current liabilities acid test = (current assets - stock)/current liabilitiesdebtor days = (receiables x 365)/annual credit sales creditor days = (accounts payable x 365)/annual credit purchasesstock turnoer = (aerage stock x 365)/costs of goods sold...

    net asset alue (NAV) 
    • (1) the alue of a mutual fund share, calculated by deductingthe fund's liabilities from the total assets and diidingthis alue with the number of circulating certificates (2) book alue of a company's shares. Calculated by deductingthe company's liabilities from the total assets and diidingthis alue by the number of outstanding shares....

    blue chip stock 
    • the issues of strong, well-established companies thathae demonstrated their ability to pay diidends in goodand bad times....

    • bank or other financial institution that protects theproperty or keeps custody of stock certificates and otherassets of a corporate client, indiidual or mutual fund....

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