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    change over 
    • change over а) менять(ся) местами Can we change over? I'd like to sit in the sun, too. If you change the words over, the sentence sounds better. б) переходить на что-л. (to) In 1971 Britain changed over to decimal money. The chairman decided to change the factory over to bicycle production....

    circulating adj. 
    • circulating adj. обращающийся; переходящий - circulatingcapital- circulating decimal - circulating fraction - circulating library - circulating medium...

    round off 
    • round off а) округлять(ся), закруглять(ся) Round off the edges of the table. Your answer should be rounded off to three decimal places. б) заканчивать, завершать to round off the evening with a dance закончить вечер танцами Let us have a drink to round the evening off....

    go to 
    • go to а) просить о чем-л. You have to go to the commanding officer for special permission to leave the camp. If you're so afraid of him, why don't you go to the police? б) выдаваться (о призах, деньгах) The house went to his wife after his death. The prize for growing the biggest potato goes to Mr and Mrs Brown, of the village of Little Digging. в) войти в какое-л. состояние Be quiet. Father has just gone to sleep. The nation seems ready to go to war with in old-time enemy. г) составлять в сумме In former times, 12 pence went to a shilling and 20 shillings to the pound, but since Britain changed to decimal money, 100 new pence go to the pound....

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