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    equity financing 
    • a method of raising money by issuing shares of commonor preferred stock. The shareholder holds an equity in thecorporation....

    • measured by the debt/equity ratio. It shows the use ofborrowed money to enhance the return on owners' equity.A higher ratio allows inestors to participate in profitsand losses of substantially larger amounts of money thanthey originally own. Also called gearing....

    profitability and return ratios 
    • these include the following: gross profit margin = (Turnoer - cost of sales)/turnoerreturn on capital employed = (gross profit - expenses)/turnoernet profit margin = profit before interest and tax/(fixedassets + net current assets - long term liabilities) Return on equity (ROE) = Net profit after tax / equity...

    • a security and unit of equity ownership that grants itsowner with the right to be a co-owner of the respectiecompany. Companies issue shares to increase their capital....

    • a corporation, municipality or goernment haing, as alegal entity, the power to issue and distribute equity ordebt securities in order to raise money....

    • the amount of equity as a percentage of current marketalue. Deriatie products are often traded on margin....

    capital market 
    • securities eidencing the holders' interests in an enterprise(stock corporation). The principal rights of shareholdersare the right to share in the company's profits and theright to ote at shareholders' meetings....

    common share (common stock) 
    • an equity security that represents the ownership in acorporation. Owners typically are entitled to ote on theselection of directors (and other important matters) andto receie diidends on their shareholdings....

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