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    finished adj. 
    • finished adj. законченный; отделанный; обработанный - finished goods - finished manners - finished gentleman...

    finish with 
    • finish with а) порывать с кем-л. I'm glad that Alice has finished with that worthless young man. б) прекратить пользоваться чем-л. Have you finished with the newspaper?...

    finish 2. v. 
    • finish 2. v. 3) заканчивать что-л. начатое, доводить до конца (тж. finish up) haven't you finished that book yet? - вы еще не дочитали эту книгу? we have finished the pie - мы доели этот пирог...

    finished gentleman 
    finished goods 
    finished manners 
    pop over 
    • pop over coll. а) нанести короткий визит, заглянуть, заскочить; Why don't you pop over and see us one weekend? б) занести; I'll pop your book over as soon as I've finished reading it....

    be over 
    • be over а) приходить в чей-л. дом I'll be over later this evening. б) заканчивать(ся) We all thought that the war would be over by Christmas. The rain will soon be over. в) оставаться Is there any cake over from the party? There might be a few pieces of cloth over when I've finished making the dress; you can have them....

    pig 2. v. 
    • pig 2. v. 2) to pig it coll. - жить тесно и неуютно, ютиться; You may have to pig it for a time while the repairs get finished. As a child, I always wanted a room of my own, but had to pig together with my sisters in one small bedroom....

    go beyond 
    • go beyond а) превышать что-л. The money that I won went beyond my fondest hopes. б) быть выше чьего-л. понимания I was interested to hear the speaker, but his speech went beyond me when he had finished introducing his subject....

    hash over 
    • hash over говорить о чем-л. подробно Hasn't the committee finished hashing over the question yet?...

    smoulder 2. v. 
    • smoulder 2. v. 2) теплиться (о чувствах); Her anger smouldered in her heart long after the quarrel was finished....

    sand 2. v. 
    • sand 2. v. 2) чистить или шлифовать песком; The quality of the finished paintwork depends on how well you sanded the wood down....

    pitch into 
    • pitch into coll. а) набрасываться, нападать на кого-л.; Fearlessly Jim pitched into his attackers. б) наброситься, энергично приняться за что-л.; If everyone pitches into the job, we'll soon get it finished....

    dolly out 
    • dolly out amer. tech. (в кино, телевидении) делать отъезд When the two men have finished talking, dolly out so that we get a view of the whole house....

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