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    inestment bank 
    • an intermediary between a corporation that issues newsecurities and potential owners of these papers. An inestmentbank would usually buy new issue of shares and bonds, breakthem into smaller packages and then sell them to indiidualsand companies....

    certificate of deposit (CD) 
    • debt instrument issued by a bank stipulating that a depositormakes a deposit in a bank for a certain period of time andat the end of this period, the depositor receies his/hermoney together with a certain amount of accumulated interest....

    inestment company 
    • a firm engaged in inesting in different securities frompooled funds from small inestors in accordance to its statedinestment objecties. An inestment company offers participantsmore diersification, liquidity and professional managementserice than would normally be aailable to them as indiiduals....

    • bank or other financial institution that protects theproperty or keeps custody of stock certificates and otherassets of a corporate client, indiidual or mutual fund....

    • "a method to obtain necessary capital. One type of loanis when an indiidual or a company (the borrower) requestsa bank (the lender) to grant them a certain amount of moneyfor a certain period of time; the borrower promises to returnthe loan after a specified period with an interest paymentfor its use. "...

    due diligence 
    • the process of inestigation, performed by inestors,into the details of a potential inestment, such as an examinationof operations, management and risks and the erificationof material facts....

    mutual fund 
    • a type of inestment company that offers for sale, orhas outstanding, securities that it has issued that areredeemable on demand at current net asset alue....

    • normally the annual rate of return on an inestment expressedas a percentage rate of the current price....

    • a group of inestment banks that is formed to handle thedistribution and sale of an issuers' security. The typicalsyndicate has seeral firms managing the underwriting effort.each of the members are assigned responsibility for thesale and distribution of a portion of the issue....

    growth stock 
    • stock of a corporation exhibiting faster than aeragegains in earnings oer the last few years and expected tooutperform other stocks. A riskier inestment than aeragestock often paying low or no diidends and expected to showhigh leels of profit growth....

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