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    liquidity ratios 
    • measure of a company's ability to meet maturing short-termobligations. Liquidity ratios include the following: current ratio = current assets/current liabilities acid test = (current assets - stock)/current liabilitiesdebtor days = (receiables x 365)/annual credit sales creditor days = (accounts payable x 365)/annual credit purchasesstock turnoer = (aerage stock x 365)/costs of goods sold...

    liquidity risk 
    • the risk that an asset can not be sold within a reasonableperiod of time (at reasonable prices). This may become aproblem in cases of shares with a narrow market liquidity,in particular, equities traded on an unregulated market....

    profitability and return ratios 
    • these include the following: gross profit margin = (Turnoer - cost of sales)/turnoerreturn on capital employed = (gross profit - expenses)/turnoernet profit margin = profit before interest and tax/(fixedassets + net current assets - long term liabilities) Return on equity (ROE) = Net profit after tax / equity...

    inestment company 
    • a firm engaged in inesting in different securities frompooled funds from small inestors in accordance to its statedinestment objecties. An inestment company offers participantsmore diersification, liquidity and professional managementserice than would normally be aailable to them as indiiduals....

    • "refers to how easily assets may be conerted into cash.Liquid assets include blue-chip stocks that are actielytraded and therefore the stock price will not be dramaticallymoed by a few buy/sell orders; liquid accounts includechecking accounts, passbook accounts, and treasury bills."...

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