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    bid-offer spread 
    • "a olume of, for instance, shares offered for sale inthe market in a limited quantity (1); price at which anowner of a security offers to sell it (2). "...

    • a formal written offer to sell securities that presentsthe facts concerning a proposed business enterprise or anexisting one so that inestors can take an informed decision.It is a legal document that must be gien to an inestorwho purchases a registered security....

    market maker 
    • a dealer willing to accept the risk of holding securitiesto facilitate trading in a gien security and maintain firmbid and offer prices by standing ready to buy or sell roundlots at publicly quoted prices....

    • an indiidual or firm that charges a fee or commissionfor acting as a licensed intermediary between a buyer andseller and executing buy and sell orders submitted by anotherindiidual or firm. A broker can offer adice on capitalinestments....

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