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    inestment bank 
    • an intermediary between a corporation that issues newsecurities and potential owners of these papers. An inestmentbank would usually buy new issue of shares and bonds, breakthem into smaller packages and then sell them to indiidualsand companies....

    capital gain 
    • difference between an asset's purchase price and sellingprice resulting from the sale of shares at a price higherthan the price at which they were bought....

    blue chip stock 
    • the issues of strong, well-established companies thathae demonstrated their ability to pay diidends in goodand bad times....

    • bank or other financial institution that protects theproperty or keeps custody of stock certificates and otherassets of a corporate client, indiidual or mutual fund....

    • securities eidencing the holders' interests in an enterprise(stock corporation). The principal rights of shareholdersare the right to share in the company's profits and theright to ote at shareholders' meetings....

    • a fee charged by the broker for executing clients' orders.Commissions are based on the number of shares traded orthe dollar amount of the trade and are added to amountspayable when buying, and subtracted from the amount theinestor receies when selling a security....

    liquidity risk 
    • the risk that an asset can not be sold within a reasonableperiod of time (at reasonable prices). This may become aproblem in cases of shares with a narrow market liquidity,in particular, equities traded on an unregulated market....

    common share (common stock) 
    • an equity security that represents the ownership in acorporation. Owners typically are entitled to ote on theselection of directors (and other important matters) andto receie diidends on their shareholdings....

    automated controlling system for trading in the stockmarket 
    • a computer system deeloped by the New York Stock Exchange(NYSE). It monitors suspicious signals in the trading systemand interrupts illegal operations....

    secondary market 
    • a market for shares and bonds bought and resold subsequentto the original securities issuance on the primary market.The major part of securities transactions takes place inthe secondary market and the proceeds accrue to the sellingdealers and inestors and not to the companies that originallyissued the securities....

    going public 
    • the first issuance and sale of stock of a priate companyto the public. In doing so, the firm's ownership shiftsfrom the hands of priate shareholders to a base that includepublic shareholders. It inoles compliance with the disclosurerequirements of national laws....

    financial analyst 
    • a person that has specialised in analysing financial markets.Various methods of analysis exist and are deployed by analysts.usually analysts specialise in certain markets, like bond,stock or commodity markets....

    • "refers to how easily assets may be conerted into cash.Liquid assets include blue-chip stocks that are actielytraded and therefore the stock price will not be dramaticallymoed by a few buy/sell orders; liquid accounts includechecking accounts, passbook accounts, and treasury bills."...

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