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    exchange-listed security 
    • in order for a security to be traded by exchange memberson an exchange, it has to be listed on that exchange. Onceit is accepted for listing, it is admitted to full tradingpriileges on that exchange....

    • "any piece of a securitised paper that can be traded foralue; another name for shares and bonds. "...

    • a security and unit of equity ownership that grants itsowner with the right to be a co-owner of the respectiecompany. Companies issue shares to increase their capital....

    • "a olume of, for instance, shares offered for sale inthe market in a limited quantity (1); price at which anowner of a security offers to sell it (2). "...

    • a formal written offer to sell securities that presentsthe facts concerning a proposed business enterprise or anexisting one so that inestors can take an informed decision.It is a legal document that must be gien to an inestorwho purchases a registered security....

    common share (common stock) 
    • an equity security that represents the ownership in acorporation. Owners typically are entitled to ote on theselection of directors (and other important matters) andto receie diidends on their shareholdings....

    • a group of inestment banks that is formed to handle thedistribution and sale of an issuers' security. The typicalsyndicate has seeral firms managing the underwriting effort.each of the members are assigned responsibility for thesale and distribution of a portion of the issue....

    limit order 
    • a customer's order with instructions to buy or sell aspecific security at a specific price or better. The brokerwill execute the trade only within the price restrictionsspecified....

    market maker 
    • a dealer willing to accept the risk of holding securitiesto facilitate trading in a gien security and maintain firmbid and offer prices by standing ready to buy or sell roundlots at publicly quoted prices....

    • a fee charged by the broker for executing clients' orders.Commissions are based on the number of shares traded orthe dollar amount of the trade and are added to amountspayable when buying, and subtracted from the amount theinestor receies when selling a security....

    fill-or-kill order 
    • an order to buy or sell a particular security that obligesthe broker to fill immediately and entirely or otherwisecancel the order entirely....

    par alue 
    oer the counter (OTC) 
    • "a security that is not listed or traded on a exchange(1); the non-exchange market for securities (2). Both listedand unlisted securities can be traded in the OTC market.OTC trading takes place oer computer and telephone networksthat link brokers and dealers around the world. "...

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